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As professional cleaners ourselves (, we understand exactly the concerns and issues home owners, fellow professional cleaners and maintenance personnel face each day such as; stains and spots coming back, traffic lanes not coming clean, urine odors coming back, chemicals not working properly, employee misuse of chemical, fiber browning, wicking issues, slow cleaning production rates, mixing and storing hassles of various chemicals, chemical related health issues, and many more problems in our field.    Carpet Details is the only solution for all of these problems.  We created Carpet Details in 1991 after years of chemists' research and trial and error.  Carpet Details was created utilizing the power, convenience, and proven effectiveness of non-polymer encapsulation. Made of a blend of the most pure, natural minerals from exclusive U.S. mines processed, stored, and mixed according to our proprietary specifications, we are the sole manufacturers of Carpet Details. It is not a private labeled product made by another company.
Other carpet cleaning chemicals either use (or combine) surfactants, high and low pH values, heat, detergents, un-natural polymers, foamy dirt attracting surfactants, and/or harsh chemicals to release the dirt and stains from the floor.  Carpet Details does this without any of these factors, and has been approved by the major flooring manufacturers to be safely used on all fibers including stain resistant strands.
Developed as a single cleaning solution that would naturally release anything not originally on the floor from the manufacturer, Carpet Details makes cleaning faster, easier, healthier, and better.  The added benefit of encapsulation in Carpet Details assures that it keeps cleaning, without needing to be rinsed or  100% extracted.   Perfect for Counter Rotation Brush machines (CRB), Bonnet Cleaning (175 rpm, floor machines, swing machine, etc), Portables, Low moisture, VLM, Dry, or hot (truck mount) or cold water extraction methods.
After 20 years with outstanding results by professionals and in use by large facilities and restaurants, it is the exclusively recommended cleaner of almost a thousand flooring retailers, and is now offered to all cleaning professionals and facility maintenance personnel. 

Professionals: Save Time and Hassle Mixing, Storing, & Ordering.
And Save 
MONEY (save over 50% in overall chemical costs!)
Carpet Details Professional Formulation REPLACES the need for separate:
Pre-Sprays, Urine Treatments, Emulsifiers, Degreasers, Encaps, Boosters, Defoamers,
Anti-wicking agents, Color stabilizers, Upholstery Cleaners, Tile Cleaners, Anti-resoiling agents, or Final Acid Rinses.

· Extremely effective Neutral 8.1pH
· Amazing Urine Stain treatment & Natural Urine Odor destroyer
· Works perfectly on all fiber types, even polyester, olefin, and even wool. 
· Mill Approved for Stain Resistant Fibers
· HEALTHIER for you & your customers
· Not a private labeled product. We are the sole manufacturers with original SDS, ordering directly from the mines, processing, mixing, and storing the ingredients to our proprietary and very precise specifications. 
· Will NOT cause delamination of the polypropylene carpet backing
· Not Heat Activated; works for low moisture (encap) and cold or hot extraction
· NO Acid Rinse needed; Prespray, then run plain water through wand
· NO VOC's, 100% Odorless, Pure Mineral based
· Non Allergenic, No Solvents & No Polymers
· No Foam = No Sticky Soap, or Surfactants
· Proprietary, EFFECTIVE,  Deep Fiber Penetrating Encapsulation
· Indefinite Shelf Life, even after mixed, Freeze Thaw Stable
· Cleaning effectiveness never diminishes. Just as strong from day 1 to 20 years.
· Will not corrode metal fittings
· Prespray entire areas, it can dry before cleaning it with no worries

  • Greasy restaurant low moisture

    Greasy restaurant cleaned with only low moisture pads. Presprayed Carpet Details at 4oz per gallon, let dwell 10 minutes, pad up with wet pads on a 175 low speed.

  • Portable, cold water extraction

    Cleaned using a portable and only cold water. Presprayed with Carpet Details at 4oz per gallon, let dwell, extracted with plain, cold water only.

  • Amazing on laminate floors

    Cleaned using only a mop and 2 oz per gallon Carpet Details in a mop bucket. Mop on, mop off.

  • Residential carpet

    Cleaned with Hot Water Extraction truckmount. This job was turned down by a large national cleaner (too hard for them). But, with Carpet Details as the prespray (no boost), let dwell 5 to 10 minutes, extract with plain hot water.

  • One pass Greasy Restaurant

    One pass hot water extraction truckmount using only Carpet Details, no boost, just dwell, and rinse with plain hot water.

  • True all in one professional prespray

    No need to stock, train, mix, and make space in the truck for so many different products. Carpet Details literally does it all. Even Pet Urine Odor, Stain, & Fluorescence.

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1. It’s all Natural…… Carpet Details is formulated using only clean and clear minerals which are environmentally safe for people and pets.  It has a neutral pH.
2. Simple, and Easy to use…… Easy to mix, easy to use.  Instead of spending time mixing, stocking, and tracking multiple chemicals, Carpet Details is practically the ONLY solution you’ll need.  And since it is so safe and effective, anyone can use it without worrying about mix ratios, application rates, toxicity levels, or odors.
3. Faster cleaning production rates…...Works incredibly well.  It saves time with one pass cleaning.  No need for overwetting or extraction. Speeds up the walk rate behind autoscrubbers, portables, wands, etc. 
4. Easy, inexpensive spotter and marketing tool…….Order our Custom Spotters as leave-behinds, to gain new customers, and keep existing customers.
5. Economical……One solution so complete that you don’t need to buy separate products like prespray, encap, emulsifier, booster, defoamer, anti-wicking, spotter, tile cleaner, etc. Just dilute according to instructions for which use you need.
6. It won’t discolor carpet or upholstery …… It has been tested and approved to be safe for use on all stain resistant carpets and will not invalidate a carpet’s warranty.  It’s compatible with ADR’s (acid dye resistors) on new stain resistant fibers.
7. Leaves no sticky residue…… It will not re-soil.
8. Rewetting, reactivates…….No worries if it dries before being able to agitate, simply rewet and it reactivates.
9. Bacteria and mold cannot grow in it…… Because it is soap free it will not attract moisture.
10. No rinse needed…… Carpet Details is Nuetral pH of 8.1 RTU and will not leave a sticky residue, leaving the floor free of residue.  In fact, it has no soaps, no detergents, no surfactants and no harmful ingredients.  It is non-toxic and non-allergenic.
11. Contains no solvents …… It can be used freely without worry of delaminating or permanently expanding the primary polypropylene backing of many types of floors.
12. Does not smell, it’s odorless…… It is clean and naturally fresh.  There is no need to add fragrance to hide a detergent odor.  Works great for odor sensitive customers too.  Fragrance may be added if desired.
13. Indefinite shelf life…… Inventory can sit for indefinite time with no change in the product.  It also can be shipped and stored in any weather.  It is also freeze thaw stable.
14. Amazing encapsulation (encap) cleaning........Carpet Details doesn't contain polymers that crystallize on top of the fibers.  Instead, in its own unique way, it penetrates each fiber and releases dirt, grease, stains, and spots and pulls them to the surface as it cleans and dries to an unnoticeable powder that can then easily be vacuumed away during the customer's next vacuuming cycles. 
15. Eliminates Urine stains and odors....Carpet Details works differently than enzymes, oxidizers, and other expensive urine treatments. Carpet Details works in the same way nature cleans urine. It eliminates the stain, and treats the urine stain all in one.  Natural minerals seek out the ammonia and dries it out naturally through an osmosis effect.  The urine odor will kick up initially (simply spray deodorizer in the area for quick cover up), but as Carpet Details dries it also encapsulates the odor causing ammonia and dries it out so the vacuum can extract it during the next vacuuming cycle.  It will also get rid of the fluorescence that illuminate under black light.