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NOTE: Carpet Details is a lighter powder compared to all other cleaning powders. There are no weight fillers inside, just pure minerals.

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Save Time & Hassle from Mixing, Storing, & Ordering Multiple Chemicals

· Extremely effective Neutral 8.1pH
· Works incredibly well on all fiber types, even polyester, olefin, & wool. 
· Amazing Urine Stain treatment & Natural Urine Odor destroyer
· Mill Approved for Stain Resistant Fibers
· HEALTHIER for you & your customers
· Not a private labeled product. We are the sole manufacturers, ordering directly from the mines, processing, mixing, and storing the ingredients to our proprietary and very precise specifications. 
· Will NOT cause delamination of the polypropylene carpet backing
· Not Heat Activated; works for low moisture and cold or hot extraction (VLM, truckmount, & portables)
· NO Acid Rinse needed; Prespray, then run plain water through wand
· NO VOC's, 100% Odorless, Pure Mineral based
· Non Allergenic, No Solvents & No Polymers
· No Foam = No Sticky Soap, or Surfactants
· Proprietary, EFFECTIVE,  Deep Fiber Penetrating Encapsulation
· Indefinite Shelf Life, even after mixed, Freeze Thaw Stable
· Cleaning effectiveness never diminishes. Just as strong from day 1 to 20 years.
· Will not corrode metal fittings
· Prespray entire areas, it can dry before cleaning it with no worries

Professional Mixing Guide

Always pretest for color fastness. For easier mixing: Slowly pour measured powder INTO warm water of a 5 gallon SQUARE water jug, then swish it around until dissolved (warm water helps it dissolve faster)

In-Line Sprayer: For easier mixing, meter at 1:4 ratio (remove 1:8 yellow tip) and use 6 scoops (12 ounces) per 5 quart container. Otherwise, if using 1:8 yellow tip, use 12 scoops (24 ounces) per 5 quart container.

Carpet: 2 scoops (4 ounces) per Gallon. 
1) Slowly pour powder INTO warm water. Shake if necessary to dissolve. 2) Pre-spray evenly on carpet paying particular attention to heavy traffic areas, stains, grease, etc. Spray at a rate of about 1 gallon per 300 sq/ft. 3) Best to agitate with rake, bonnet, crb, etc. 4) Let dwell 5 to 10 minutes (its ok if it dries before getting to it). 5) Extract with plain cold or hot water through wand.  It is not required to extract 100% since whatever is left will continue to encapsulate and clean. 6) No acid/neutralizing rinse required.​

Tile and Grout and hard surfaces:  2 scoops (4 ounces) per Gallon
1) Slowly pour powder INTO warm water. Shake if necessary to dissolve. 2) Spray/apply onto floor. 3) Let dwell for at least 5 to 10 minutes (it is okay if it dries before cleaning off). 4) Re-wet with water as you scrub and extract with mop, spinner, wet/dry, hose rinse, etc.

Upholstery:   1 scoop (2 ounces) per Gallon
1) Slowly pour powder INTO warm water. Shake if necessary to dissolve. 2) Spray lightly directly onto upholstery or onto a towel. 3) Agitate with soft bristle brush or clean towel. 4) No extraction required.

Urine stains & odor:   2 scoops (4 ounces) per Gallon
1) Clean carpet according to instructions for carpet above, 2) Post spray Carpet Details at rate of 1 gallon per 500 sq/ft, do not extract this time, 3) If desired, spray a deodorizer in the area to cover up the odor that gets kicked up. As the Carpet Details dries in the carpet it will kill the urine and odor molecules permanently. 

Encapsulation & Low Moisture:   2 scoops (4 ounces) per Gallon
Bonnet and OP (Oscillating Pad) cleaning:
1) Pre-spray evenly on carpet paying particular attention to heavy traffic areas, stains, grease, etc. Spray at a rate of about 1 gallon per 300 sq/ft. 2) Let dwell 10 minutes on greasy areas and high traffic areas. 3) Agitate product into the carpet while lightly rewetting carpet using damp bonnet pads (using a solution tank on floor machine with clean water increases speed dramatically). 4) Use multiple pads to pad out grease areas. 

CRB machines with NO solution tank (Brush Pro, etc):
1) Pre-spray evenly on carpet paying particular attention to heavy
traffic areas, stains, grease, etc. Spray at a rate of about
1 gallon per 300 sq/ft.  2) While carpet is still damp,
agitate product into the fibers with CRB machine.

Machines WITH solution tanks (Cimex, Multiwash, etc):
1) Apply evenly on carpet through machine’s system paying 
particular attention to heavy traffic areas, stains, grease, etc.
2) Apply at a rate of about 1 gallon per 300 sq/ft. 

Pro Cleaners Tips for using Carpet Details

1) For really nasty carpet, just go a little heavier dose (i.e. 6 oz per gallon, 8 scoops in 1/4 ratio hydroforce) and let it dwell at least 10 minutes.

2) Don't "boost" with any other chemicals, or pretreat stains with other chemicals. Carpet Details has a lot of oxygen in it already.

3) Don't acid rinse, just use plain water to rinse with.

4) Feel free to add a fragrance if needed, but better to spray a fragrance after the cleaning if you need immediate deodorizing.

5) It works incredibly well on pet stains by drying out urine so the vacuum can pick it up. Best way to treat urine is to clean the stain first by applying Carpet Details, letting it dwell, and extracting it. Then, spray the area with Carpet Details and leave it so it can penetrate deep into the fibers, pad, and subfloor (if you soak it). As it dries, it will also dry the urine and hold it away from the fibers so the vacuum can extract it. If Urine is in the subfloor or pad it may be necessary for several treatments, or replacement of the pad. Feel free to spray a deodorizer in the air since the cleaning will kick up the urine smell initially. As Carpet Details dries it will kill the urine molecules and odor.

6) It works, plain and simple, and it takes care of wicking issues, plus, there will never be browning issues.

7) Unique to Carpet Details, you can prespray entire areas without worrying about it drying before you can get to it. It reactivates as you wet it while cleaning. This saves a lot of time switching between wands/machines and sprayers.

8) It doesn't corrode equipment, in fact, it cleans the fittings and tanks. By pouring several scoops into the rinse tank it will even keep the rinse tank and water clean reducing the number of times you will need to descale. Plus, it will allow some Carpet Details to be left in the carpet while rinsing. Carpet Details keeps cleaning so the carpet will continue to look better and better for the next few days.

9) Neutral zone 8.1 pH safe AND effective on ALL fibers (nylon, poly, olefin, wool, etc)

10) Its amazing on tile and grout, natural stone, Porcelain, and those micro grooves in wood floors (laminate, lvt, etc)

11) The encapsulation of Carpet Details works differently than anything out there. It does not have any crystallizing powder polymers. Carpet Details simply cleans/strips the fibers of dirt and grease without hurting the fiber's stain guard, and the most unique thing about it is how it will not let that dirt and grease reattach to the fibers...therefore allowing the vacuum to pick it up during the next vacuuming cycle. So use it with CRBs, pads, or extraction. Carpet Details works for all methods.

12) It never loses its effectiveness, even after it is mixed.

13) The ingredients are proprietary. They consists of natural minerals, including oxygen, and natural salt minerals. It cleans using the same minerals that rain and seawater use to clean with...just multiplied many times for efficacy. We are the only manufacturers of Carpet Details. It is not a private labeled product from a big chemical company. We order the pure minerals directly from the mines, and have it processed and stored according to our proprietary recipe.

NOTE: For easier mixing, slowly pour Carpet Details into warm water in a square water jug, then lift and shake it until dissolved. Once dissolved, it will not resettle, and it will never expire.

Hint for VLM: If you are cleaning via Low Moisture Technique, you may notice that pads get better contact agitation than Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machines. The reason is that pads provide much more surface contact with the fibers, plus, crb's have smooth bristles going against smooth fibers, which doesn't allow the same amount of "wipe" effect as cotton or microfiber or fiber pads do.

Agitating is a very helpful part of cleaning. We don't rinse our teeth clean, nor simply rinse dishes, we brush them clean. We also never use a brushless car wash because no matter how hot or how high the pressure is, it will almost always leave a dirt film.

Eliminates Urine stains and odors....Carpet Details works differently than enzymes, oxidizers, or expensive "bacteria spores". Carpet Details works in the same way nature cleans urine. It eliminates the stain, and treats the urine stain all in one.  Natural minerals seek out the ammonia and dries it out naturally.  The urine odor will kick up initially (simply spray deodorizer in the area for quick cover up), but as Carpet Details dries it also encapsulates the odor causing ammonia and dries it out so the vacuum can extract it during the next vacuuming cycle.  It will also get rid of the fluorescents that illuminate under black light.