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Carpet Details

case of 15 custom printed Spotter Spray Bottles (16oz) FREE SHIPPING

case of 15 custom printed Spotter Spray Bottles (16oz) FREE SHIPPING

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No setup fee. FREE SHIPPING. Each bottle comes with the right amount of Carpet Details home use powder inside. Just add water to activate. It never goes bad, and never settles. 

Odorless, 100% non-toxic, Safe on ALL fibers (even wool), Incredible on pet stains & odor, and customers LOVE these!


Benefits of custom Carpet Details

Spotter Bottles:

 1) Your customers trust you as a Pro to provide the best solutions versus grocery store spotters. 

2) Increased sales revenue. Pro’s who sell spotters report over 75% of their clients purchase a Spotter bottle from them, and have more frequent cleanings to get refills.

3) More referrals. Your customers will talk about their new incredible spotter.

4) More reviews. Pro’s report over 30% of their online reviews mention their love of the spotter.

5) Repeat business. Customers will always have your name in their cupboard.

6) It makes your job easier knowing they use quality spotter instead of store bought foamy soap.

7) Carpet Details has over 30 years providing custom spotters to finer flooring retailers nationwide.

8) Carpet Details bottles are shipped “dry” (just add water). Easier to store, carry, and fill. Plus, they won’t foam up, break, freeze, expire, or resettle.


  • Sell the 32oz for $20. This amount has proven to be successful for others, selling one to over 75% of their customers.
  • If you choose to give away bottles, give away 8oz or 16oz on smaller jobs, and 32oz on the big ones.
  • Leave 8oz bottles with the neighboring homes of each job. They LOVE a free gift, and will call you to clean their carpet.
  • Carpet gets dirty evenly, so when customers use spotter, it creates a clean spot, and they notice its time to call you to clean the rest. Spotter bottles get you in the door MORE often.
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