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Carpet Details

5lb (FREE SHIPPING) 1 Gal container of Professional Carpet Details All in One Prespray

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Professional Carpet Details All-in-One Prespray for Carpet, Encapsulation, Tile & Grout, Urine, Upholstery, Concrete, Spotter, Degreaser.

For Truck Mount, Portables, and Low Moisture methods. 100% Pure minerals, Exclusive NO FILLERS in our products, equals consistent results and pure power.

Specifically designed for Professional Prespray methods (In-Line sprayer, Hydroforce, Pump up, etc). NOT for home users using Bissell, Rug Dr., etc. MUST be a Professional cleaner for shipment to fulfill.

Contains about 130 powder ounces of Carpet Details.  Enough to make 44 gallons of cleaner (@3oz per gal), to clean about 13,000 sq/ft of carpet or tile applied at 1 gal per 300 sq/ft.

NO Acid rinse needed. If you need to go heavier on extremely soiled carpet, just increase the dosage and dwell time a little. Follow instructions for use. For Tile & Grout, using a Spinner, or flushing technique is best.

· NO Acid Rinse needed, (8.1 pH)

· Prespray entire areas (it can dry before cleaning it)

· ALL IN ONE (Carpet, Tile, Encap, Spotter, Concrete, Degreaser, Upholstery)

· It softens hard water (add some to your tank to keep it clean)

· No scrub tile cleaning

· Solves wicking and browning issues

· Extremely effective on Greasy Restaurant Carpet

· Gets out spots and stains others can’t

· Mill Approved for stain resistant fibers

· HEALTHIER for you & your customers

· NO VOC’s, 100% ODORLESS (or add a deodorizer)

· Pure Mineral based & Oxygenated (No boost needed)

· Non-Allergenic, No Solvents, No Butyls

· Leaves carpet softer and cleaner longer

· NO foam, No sticky soap, Surfactants, or Polymers

· Never expires or resettles, even after mixed

· Easily Add Inexpensive Custom Spotter Sales

· Will Not corrode metal (it cleans it)

· 100% Non-Toxic (Better for YOU, the cleaner)

· Naturally gets rid of pet accidents and stains

  • · Easier to Stock, Store, Train, and Use.